Huhn-ee-buhnch (synonyms: darling, love, dearest, precious, sweetie) 


I started Honeybunch Co. to capture the sweet things in life. I am a visual storyteller to my core-- whether I'm telling the story of a bride and groom on their wedding day, or of a new baby coming home for the first time-- all of the sweet things (big or small) should be celebrated! I currently live in San Diego, CA with my handsome husband. We love to swim in the ocean, watch movies, eat snacks, drink coffee, and play Backgammon in the park on Sundays.  

Photo credit: Gantes Co. Photography


A word from one of my dearest pals, Sally Rae:

“Megs is one of the most charisma-filled, empathetic, courageous, deep feeling, lighthearted people you will ever have the pleasure of meeting--and this all comes out in every piece of art she comes by. Whether it be plants or videos or people, she invests her hands and heart into each piece as they are: tender creations in need of gentle hands and a strong mind. She is "delightfully chaotic" (Steve Maraboli) because her love for her people and her love for her pieces is rooted deeply in her heart. She is not easily moved or shaken, but flexible in where the wind takes her. She's a tower for her friends and and a cool breeze for those who need it.”